tentacandy : It’s not lipstick, per se! It’s a black Nanacoco lip pencil that I adore with shimmery black lip gloss! B))
Not sure where I got the lip gloss from though. :’//

♤ I’m feeling cute rn, so I put on a bunch of black makeup and uncurled these overgrown bangs! ♤


Okay but the TerraVen in the BBS concept story boards is so strong it’s amazing


i hope someone has a secret crush on me. at least a little tiny one.like a baby sprout one…like a little drop maybe,a little syrupy drop of crushy crush baby love nectar


they control you and they'll make you pay



we should stop putting our mbti types in our abouts and use our seme/uke types as seen by semeuke.com

like does it matter if ur an esfj or istp when no one has any idea if you might be a chibi seme or a flaming uke



Aaaagh it is finally done months after I forgot about this picture.
I felt like Anna when I started this picture, now I think I’m more like Kristoff (in term of expressions).

But gosh I’m just glad it’s done now even if I rushed it quite a bit v_v;;

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Title: Warriors
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Album: League of Legends 2014 World Championship
Pleased to meet you. My name is Nagito Komaeda


You sure know how to make a girl wait, don’t ya?


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